Women and Children as Victims of Acts of Terrorism in Nigeria

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Journal Title: Commonwealth Law Review Journal
Author(s): Vivian Chukwudumebi Madu
Published On: 31/10/2023
Volume: 9
First Page: 584
Last Page: 611
ISSN: 2581-3382
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Vivian Chukwudumebi Madu, Women and Children as Victims of Acts of Terrorism in Nigeria, Volume 9, Commonwealth Law Review Journal, 584-611, Published on 31/10/2023, Available at https://clrj.thelawbrigade.com/article/women-and-children-as-victims-of-acts-of-terrorism-in-nigeria/


Terrorism is a global menace that transcend national boarders. It is targeted against government and its national security. Terrorism through the Boko Haram group first emerged as a religious jihadist group around 1999 in Nigeria. Few years down the lane in metamorphosed into a dangerous terrorist organisation, with its activities targeted against government organisations and agencies. Bombing of government agencies, churches, market places and places of public gathering. By the year 2015 a federal government college is Chibok was attacked and well over 200 girls kidnapped. Although a few of these girls escaped a greater number of them are still at large. With rumours that some of them were sold in neighbouring Cameroon and some others forced into marriages with the Boko Haram fighters. With these development women, girls and children have become the most vulnerable group of persons targeted by terrorist organisations. Women are used as sex slaves, used as smugglers of light arms, since by their perceived gender roles, women and girls are not likely persons to be searched as suspects by the police at check points. Young girls are brainwashed and used as suicide bombers, while the young boys are conscripted as child soldiers. The research question therefore is what role does government have to play to curb insecurity and terrorism in Nigeria. It is the finding of this paper that the justification for civil unrest and acts of terrorism by those who have taken up arms is blamed on government insensitivity to the plight of the poor, lack of welfare and social amenities, lack of employment, to mention but a few. This paper therefore concludes that there is a need for reparation and reintegration of every group that has taken up arms in defence of their claims.

Keywords: violence, insecurity, terrorism, women and children as victims of terrorism, sexual and gender-based violence

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