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Commonwealth Law Review Journal is an Annual e-Journal of Law bearing ISSN: 2581-3382. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law from all Commonwealth Nations and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

Commonwealth Law Review Journal

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Rethinking Consumer Access to Justice

The consumer has been at the center stage with substantive laws being enacted to regulate the activities of manufacturers and protect consumers against unscrupulous business persons. For consumer protection to be effective, there is the need to lay some emphasis on access to justice. The Cameroonian legal framework has put in place some regulatory responses

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Tuning Indian Bio Diversity Laws with Nagoya Protocol: An Analysis

The conservation of biological diversity is a serious and common concern. The better management of biological resources and biodiversity is essential for the welfare of human beings. As per the international obligation the Government of India, enacted the Biological Diversity Act, 2002.  This Act provides conservation of biological diversity, presently there are many lacunas are

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Mental Distress and Human Rights Violations: Protect Rights, Dignity amid Covid-19 Crisis

They say the crisis was the most acute for minority groups such as Dalits, informal workers. The review identified human rights violations associated with adverse mental health consequences such as travel restrictions including solitary confinement and closure, lack of resources, discrimination, xenophobia, discrimination, loss of access to schools and proper education, lack of access to

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Adapting Mitigating Techniques to Promote Wetland Conservation in Cameroon: An Appraisal of the Environmental Management Law

This paper examines mitigating techniques that can be adopted in other to promote wetlands conservation in Cameroon while assessing the role of the Environmental Management Code in achieving this goal. It discuss the different kinds of mitigating techniques such as avoidance, mitigating banks, in-lieu fee mitigation and permittee responsible mitigation. The paper argues that mitigation

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