Tuning Indian Bio Diversity Laws with Nagoya Protocol: An Analysis

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Journal Title: Commonwealth Law Review Journal
Author(s): Dr. Kapil Chaurpagar
Published On: 02/05/2022
Volume: 8
First Page: 144
Last Page: 153
ISSN: 2581-3382
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

DOI: doi.org/10.55662/CLRJ.2022.803

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Dr. Kapil Chaurpagar, Tuning Indian Bio Diversity Laws with Nagoya Protocol: An Analysis, Volume 8, Commonwealth Law Review Journal, 144-153, Published on 02/05/2022, doi.org/10.55662/CLRJ.2022.803 Available at https://clrj.thelawbrigade.com/article/tuning-indian-bio-diversity-laws-with-nagoya-protocol-an-analysis/


The conservation of biological diversity is a serious and common concern. The better management of biological resources and biodiversity is essential for the welfare of human beings. As per the international obligation the Government of India, enacted the Biological Diversity Act, 2002.  This Act provides conservation of biological diversity, presently there are many lacunas are present in this Act. But the cumbersome process regarding the permission and application of patent is the most impeding provision. New amendment in Biological Diversity Act 2002 endeavors to tune it with the Nagoya Convention. Secondly to remove the lacunas of the present Act and to create a favorable climate for collaborative research and investment. In new amendment Act it is also aimed to simplify the patent application procedure. In new amendment Act Ayush practitioners have been exempted from the Act’s scope. In new amendment Act seeks to bring more foreign investment in biological resources, research, patent and commercial utilization, without compromising the national interest. The major concern with the amendment bill is that the corporate or foreign interest could use the loopholes of permission given to traditional medicine and use it for commercial purposes, without sharing the benefits with the conservers of biodiversity. It is imperative that new laws not only be regulatory, but also be executed with the involvement of local people, particularly village sabhas and panchayats.

Keywords: Biological diversity, Biological Diversity Act, 2002, Biological Diversity and Nagoya Protocol, New Amendment 2022, Patent Application Procedure

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