The Legal Status of the East African Community (EAC) in the Context of Dispute Resolution

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Journal Title: Commonwealth Law Review Journal
Author(s): Netsanet Mesfin Tesfu
Published On: 07/07/2023
Volume: 9
First Page: 216
Last Page: 234
ISSN: 2581-3382
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Netsanet Mesfin Tesfu, The Legal Status of the East African Community (EAC) in the Context of Dispute Resolution, Volume 9, Commonwealth Law Review Journal, 216-234, Published on 07/07/2023, Available at


Although it has taken place over more than ten years, the East African Community’s (hereinafter the EAC) “transformation” history is similar to those of other international regional organizations. For instance, before becoming the EU1, the European Economic Community (hereafter the EEC) also underwent significant “transformation.” More specifically, the essay considers the early stages of the EAC’s development, its early difficulties, and potential solutions to help it achieve its current status.

The article also discusses the roles and responsibilities of the East African Community’s institutions and organs while touching on significant papers that have been confirmed and adopted by partner states. In order to distinguish the EAC from other regional economic organizations on the continent, the essay will also examine how successful the EAC has been in upholding the values of democracy, the rule of law, and social justice.

This article’s conclusion will demonstrate that the EAC’s history of existence and its reestablishment in 2000 provide justification for embracing its legal status, particularly in light of one of their objectives to establish a federation among other principles listed in the treaty that are in line with the fundamental rules of International law.

This study in its conclusion also looks into the need for a dispute resolution system, which is actually one of the main causes for why countries establish regional and international economic organizations. The establishment of such a dispute-resolution system reduces tension between nations and also encourages them to refrain from employing force to resolve any economic disagreements.

Keywords: East African Community (EAC), Regional economic communities (REC), integration, treaty, dispute resolution.

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